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War-born tribe of man.

We are the War born tribe of humanity. The transhuman protectors of the human race. Only we can be joyriders the operator commanders of war engines, the quadruped titan platforms that can smash an army or city in short order. Only transhuman mind with implants matured properly in the female bodies can command the high aerospace that transit the void to decimate planetside targets. Of us only those born to high houses can control the great landships and great warship making them extensions of our will.We were raised by the alien machines but we are no slaves we cast them out and answer only to those we choose. Our dynasty rove the start protecting humanity from the things in the dark. That is who we are. That is what we are bred for. What we exist to do.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Davinia, Zira, Karelra, Synenelle, Semiramis, Davinia, Mexiah, Kura,

Masculine names

Gideon, Arn, Terran, Tarlyn, Assijin, Gyles, Ramsey Raoh

Family names

Alchung, Campus, Barkis, Layfon, Rei


Beauty Ideals

Females are long-limbed and lithe in form. The bio implant growths are prominently displayed n female so they can be harvested when fully developed. physical imperfection is frowned upon as fit is a something the tribe appreciates. Men are Adonis-like bio scrupled to the lightly scarred,

Gender Ideals

Men should be leaders and warriors with no interest outside such. Women should be caretakers and rules of household. Maturing bio-implants to give t their chosen mates or children.

Courtship Ideals

Men are to win maiden affection through cunning and bold action also win approval of the house through the massing of wealth and renown.

Major organizations

The Dynasties are on the top of commanding vessels and forces of the successor states charged to protect the human sphere from threats of AI and Xeno forces. They are ruled by the Warlords who lord over his own house but the retainer clans sworn to his cause. The clans are family units with blood connections backgrounds and origins in many cases. They are equivalent to an army and using intermarriage to secure alliances and agreements. Marial prowell is much sought after and glory a currency they all seek.

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