Inhuman Hunter

Are they slaves yet? Are they dead yet? If the answer is no to both questions, then you are not doing your job right.
— Kamros Kierai, decorated inhuman hunter
The Holy Dominion of Hyrvir is relentless in its hunt and pursuit of other races. The Dominion recognizes that even with their mass armies and assets, they would still need some help, so they recruited hunters with specific skills to continue the hunt.

Inhuman Hunter is a profession found mostly in Arev. They have appeared here and there in some of the other continents, but their main hub of business is Arev. They are not as favored in the other continents and are even shunned due to their profession.

The Dominion started recruiting such hunters in order to focus their efforts on other political and military issues. There is at least one office of the Dominion for inhuman hunters in each city of the Arev. These offices deal with recruiting and to gather information for current hunters to go work. These offices also give rewards to the hunters that have successfully completed a hunt and bonuses for those that went the extra mile to secure rare materials that non-human races might have.



First and foremost, anyone can be an inhuman hunter. There is no restriction of gender. Age is preferred after the 20s, but anyone can try to be hunter if they are younger than that.

Other than that, the requirements are as follows:
  • One must demonstrate experience in hunting different type of game in different environments and circumstances.
  • Be expert trackers and even being able to be on the hunt for days.
  • A good memory is indispensable, in order to remember the geography of the local hunting area.
  Background does not matter when applying to become a hunter, certain skills, like the arcane or other magics are not an issue. In fact, they are a boon. Another boon as a hunter is the capability to extract materials from the prey, if required for job or just to get the bonus.

Payment & Reimbursement

Being an inhuman hunter pays extremely well in general. It should be noted that hunting certain species can pay better than others, specially if the species hasn't been seen in a long time or ever or the species itself is considered a luxury resource.

Even if a hunt does not require it, acquiring materials from a species will always give a hunter a bonus for "rare material acquisition".

Any expenses done for the hunt and only for the hunt are paid by the Dominion if the hunt is successful. If it isn't, it doesn't matter. The hunter is most likely dead.

Other Benefits

Inhuman hunters are famous in Arev. They are decorated citizens and given badges of honor for their work. Some are even given a position in the Hyrvian Imperial Guard, which protects the Emperor.

Others are allowed to live in the most luxurious manors and houses of Arev, with whatever they want in those houses. Being a hunter basically sets one for life with a very successful hunt.



The hunters continue the cleansing ideology that the Dominion is set in following. They kill and enslave other species, the "monsters" the Dominion wants gone from Arev. They exist to encourage the prosecution of such creatures and taking their body parts as resources for the people of Arev, as they are no better than a pig or cow.

They are also a reminder that such creatures are to be feared as many hunters do not come back from their hunts, are presumed dead and killed by their prey.

Social Status

The profession is sought out by many. The fame, financial stability and status, all in one, is something the people of Arev cannot ignore, even more if they are not exactly on the rich side and believe they have what's necessary to become a hunter.


All hunters are human, no exceptions. If any non-human blood is found in the family history of a hunter, they are crossed out from the Hunter List and thus become hunted themselves.

10% of the human population of Arev are active hunters. 5% of the population are retired hunters. 20%-25% of the population apply to become hunters and only 5% of that population successfully qualifies.

Alternative Names
Dominion Hunters. Murderers
Highly sought after, anyone that has the qualifications required can apply
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Author's Notes

Seventh article for Summer Camp! The idea was sparked by how I did my article Sky-Touched Scylna and my idea of the Holy Dominion of Hyrvir.

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5 Jul, 2018 23:41

Interesting take on the mercenaries! Was intriquing how well they are liked in Arev as opposed to other countries, and I'd like to delve into that more.   typo Their instead of There, third paragraph, second sentence.

5 Jul, 2018 23:47

I probably should note that Arev is a whole continent that the Dominion has completely conquered ^^''. Other countries and continents as a whole do not like the hunters as they represent an ideology that is not looked well or even followed.   Thanks for the comment and spotting the typo, Barrel :D!

5 Jul, 2018 23:52

The quote at the top does a good job of setting up their beliefs on their prey/targets. It's also interesting that only 5% of the applicants actually successful, and that the main requirement of becoming a hunter is to be human. Have there been prospective applicants in the past who have attempted to apply, only to be found out as a non-human?

6 Jul, 2018 01:08

Yes, they have! And the Dominion has made an example of them shortly after. On the 5%: the Dominion makes exams on the people that apply, to make sure they are truly qualified for the job. Thank you for the comment ^^!

6 Jul, 2018 01:23

Always fun when you have a group that likes to "make examples" out of people
Ah, I see. What happens to the ones who don't pass the test?

6 Jul, 2018 01:27

They are welcome to try again once they get more experience and/or skills, but they are given a "cool-down" period so they actually get those experience and skills, which is usually a couple of years and more, depending on how well (or badly) they performed in the exam.

6 Jul, 2018 01:29

Is there a limited number of times they can try to take the exam? Or can they just keep brute-forcing it until they eventually either pass or give up?

6 Jul, 2018 01:35

They can keep taking it, if they want. They either pass or give up, and if they weren't truly qualified to be a hunter, their first hunt will result on death, or the next hunt will be their last if they got lucky in the first! The exam does change with every application, making it difficult to prepare for it.

6 Jul, 2018 01:37

Have there been cases where someone has failed their first (or second or so on) attempt but passed their second (or third etc.)?

6 Jul, 2018 01:43

Yes, there have been! It is not rare but it isn't exactly common. Usually, more than half of the applicants take the blow of failing the exam very hard and train extensively in the "cool-down" time to be better in their next attempt. The rest decide it's not their thing after witnessing and living the exam.

6 Jul, 2018 00:05

It sounds like a fairly interesting profession. Some of the bits, like the first section under Qualifications don't read fluidly, so you may want to re-phrase them a little.

6 Jul, 2018 01:16

I will try to make them read more fluidly in a future revision, thank you for bringing that to my attention :D! And thank you for the comment!

6 Jul, 2018 00:12

Fantasy fascist death squads, something I haven't seen in a while. Unnerved me to read this, which definitely means you did your job right :D

6 Jul, 2018 01:18

Thank you for the comment ^^! And yes, I was basically thinking that while writing, I'm glad it worked :D

6 Jul, 2018 03:38

Very well written profession, which also gave me the chills! Are there any Inhuman Hunters that are notorious and stand out? Also noticed a small typo: change "sets one for live" to "sets one for life".

6 Jul, 2018 19:17

Thanks for noting the typo and for the comment :D! And yes there are, I do have a few hunters planned out for later both as historical and as future npcs for my campaign, however I only have notes and nothing concrete yet. One of them is the Kamros Kierai, the one of the quote. He is the oldest living hunter and one of the best.

6 Jul, 2018 07:00

10% of the human population are active hunters, Jesus. That's... an utterly insane level of mobilization. For reference, the Soviet Union during the Second World War... approached five percent. We're talking about something beyond total war, devastating economic repercussions, and yeah, a pretty insane force.   And the 'twenty five percent apply to become hunters... five percent of that qualify' etc business implies that either many people try again and again and again, or your numbers are way off. Five percent of 25 percent is 1.25%.

6 Jul, 2018 19:20

Thank you for the comment ^^! Yep! It's the efficiency of the Dominion. And many of the candidates do try again and again until they pass the exam. The Dominion does not mind this, they even encourage it, but they also have to make certain they choose the best of the candidates for the job.