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Haunts of the Frozen Coast

Common folk tales spoken and shared by the Norden Draigi, tells about reported sightings of phantoms and spectres striding across the cold sand and gravel of their continents coasts surrounding the region. Pickets, graves and mounds dot the landscape, causing it to form a sort of crown around the island, regal in the spacing between each plot.   Part of the myth speaks of how each visit there appears to be more graves than there were before, and some tend to disappear just as often. This inflicts fear among the populace, believing the area to be an improper burial ground, though their kings still follow tradition, bringing any and every one of their dead to the coast for burial.   Another common factor, is word of a particular figure that strides the expanse, patrolling for intruders and unwelcome visitors to scare them off, or worse, take their life. Descriptions are widely varied, leading some to believe it's not just one ghost. However the prominent fraction of reports describe similar features.   Ghastly orbs of red, horns that arch and fade into gas, a high collar that bunches its hair over its chest; a longcoat that spikes and drapes down and fades into a haunting fog. Some say he carries an aged iron boomstick in his hand, capable of making alarming noises and sapping the life of others.   All-in-all, most of Norden stray clear of the coast if they have no purpose being there, yet commend it for being their first defense against invaders to their proud continent, allowing them to focus on their own struggles.
The phantasm commonly seen at the coast is a famous warband leader who gave his life defending Norden from foreign invaders. The weapon he uses is a flintlock pistol he salvaged in an emergency to use against them when he lost his own weapon, though he quickly learned it's purpose and how to use it, with what limited resources he had. Now charged by corrupted magic instead of gunpowder, he defends the sacred coastline from invaders, terminating both external and internal forces without caution.

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