The Sheep of Tanneris

Our sheep are special just check the quality of our wool
— Guild representative to a skeptical merchant.
The sheep of Tanneris are special. Thread and yarn spun from them have special properties and are highly sought after.

Basic Information


The sheep of Tanneris have a thicker wool which has a superior strength once spun into thread. They are also about half as big again as sheep from anywhere else in Corrigenda. The wool comes in three natural colours, black, white, and a light pink. The difference between them is the age, gender and breed of the sheep which produces them. The shepherds are trying to see if cross-breeding will result in other colours which would then mean that dyeing and or bleaching would not be required as that damages the wool.

Genetics and Reproduction

The sheep of Tanneris have an estrus cycle(period of time in which fertile) of about 17 days

Growth Rate & Stages

Ewes becaome mature and fertile between six and eight months, whereas the rams reach maturity at about four to six months. There is about an 8% likelihood that a ram would show signs of homosexual preference, while there is a lesser chance of an ewe showing such symptoms. A ewe which does show a preference towards homosexuality observes more rammish (male) behaviour and are infertile.

Dietary Needs and Habits

As hebivores they have a tendancy to overgraze an area unless the shepherds keep them moving to prevent this. The plateau on which they are grazed has a significant amount of space and thus a herd of two thousand sheep would take about five hundred years to overgraze. The spring on the plateau also seems to encourage an explosion of vegetation which needs to be pruned back on a regular basis and the sheep are the perfect animal to do so.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

It is thought that the sheep have a heightened sense of the weather. They always head back to the shelter of the pen before any severe storm hits the area, thus providing the townsfolk with an early warning system.
Conservation Status
The sheep of Tanneris are a protected buy the Spinner's guild. The guild keeps the knowledge of the hot springs secret.
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