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The Shears of Alie

Eldrick found himself tied down.  Sebastian was not fifteen feet away with his wings tightly bound to his back.  There was someone standing just off to the side cackling evilly.  Suddenly there was a bright flash of light.  When he could see once more both the figure and Sebastian were gone.  He was still tied up.  The cold stone of the floor leaching away his strength.  As he lay there he realized if he didn't do something he was going to die.  As his strength faded, his mind became foggier.  His eyes were growing heavier.  Struggling to stay awake his mind kept flitting back to the thought it was better this way.  Just relax and everything will be over.  No more struggles, no one will miss you.  In fact, no one has missed you since you are still here all alone growing cold on a stone floor.  Why bother, your lover is gone, your mentor has abandoned you.   With those thoughts floating in his mind he summoned the strength to survive.  He began twisting his body trying to find slack in his bonds.  Finding there was none, but feeling warmer for the struggle, he turned his mind to the problem.  He had magic why not use it.  With those thoughts, he calmed his mind to summon his magic.  His magic seemed sluggish almost as if something were suppressing it.  As he struggled more to create slack he felt a sharp pain in his side.  His mind latched on to the thought of the shears.  Now to try to get his hands on them so he can cut his bonds.  With that thought, his magic flared to life.
— excerpt from Hope by Brianna Siobhan Healey


Alie's shears became a reality when she was elevated to Eldritch. They are a pair of golden shears capable of cutting through anything whether it be magical or physical. Alie uses them, to cut the threads of the tapestry of life.
Item type
This item is very rare as there is only one.
twelve ounces


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