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Dragon Coral Reef

Of all the places I have been I don't think I have seen anything as wonderful as the Dragon Coral Reef. The way it shimmers in the sunlight at dawn is remarkable, but doesn't compare to the sparkling when the sun is at its zenith. The ghostly essence of when the light from Gautama strikes is enchanting, but the light from CiarĂ¡ is mesmerising.
— Journal entry of Girom the Gnome


The Dragon Coral Reef is located on the edge of a protected cove. It is teeming with all sorts of aquatic wildlife and exotic fish. The fish clean the coral of parasites and the coral attract them. Small crab like creatures live within the coral and keep the sand and rocks around it pristine. The Dragons hunt the waters near the cove to keep away the loarger predators in order to keep the coral safe.

Fauna & Flora

The flora and fauna of the Dragon Coral Reef consists of the coral in all its metallic glory, three different species of fish (which I could not get close enough to identify), and several species of crablike creatures.   The crablike creatures have been known to be caught in the tidal pools when the tide goes out. One particular species has an exoskeleton of an amazing azure blue and grows to be about four inches in diametre. Their claws can be measured to a length of three inches with the crushing capacity capable of removing the claws and legs of others of their species.

Natural Resources

Dragons will hunt and fish within the cove from the beach itself. They use the hard exoskeletons of the crablike creatures like a dye for their glassworks. The sand of the beach and the cove is a fine silicate perfect for glass making. The meat of the crablike creatures is considered a delicacy for some people. There are large hollowed out rock on the beach which show the continuous use for making glass.
Coral Reef, Atoll
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