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Corona 1K

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It has been a thousand years since the first beings achieved Faster-Than-Light travel, and history has forgotten how to make days pass in centuries. The political situation of the galaxy is as unstable as ever with vast swaths of space and worlds coming under control of endless empires, only to suddenly collapse the decades following. The reasons behind this torrential geopolitical landscape are many, from new species being discovered constantly to wars decimating economies and industries.   The drive that creates Unity, Peace, Conflict, and War are many, although they stem from a single source: The vast riches of space hold Materials and Magic not found on terrestrial lands and oceans that are far more useful or advanced then any resources that could be found on Terra Firma. Although known space should be big enough for every man to forge his own destiny, the pursuit of Strategic Resources gives rise to vast stellar empires with unimaginable power, and a thirst for resources to match.   However, even in the midst of an endless maelstrom of cold and hot wars, scientific and magical progress continues exponentially. The effects of such a boundless leap of progress are vast, from incredibly increased living standards to even outskirt worlds, to weapons of war and destruction that should never see the light of day, let alone the light of thought. However, even with the secrets of the universe unraveling by the year, there exists a single question left unanswered, and one that people are desperate to answer:   What exactly happened 35 billion years ago?