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A Wild Draft Article Appears! Roll for Initiative!

No, I'm not really going to have a meta-combat here.

Oh dear. This is embarassing. You found a draft (severely incomplete, or mostly empty) article!
Either way, please comment on the article you were at where this page appeared about you getting here (or on this page, or on the page To-Do, viewable by everyone). This tells me that there's a link somewhere on that article that I need to un-link to, or that I have an article that should be accessible, but isn't.
I apologize for interrupting your lore consumption (or worse, mislead you because I sent you the link myself and you were redirected here!), and hope the rest of the world-walking doesn't result in you coming across more of these pages.
For the most part, you can identify where unpublished draft articles are by words being randomly bolded.
— Lyraine
Embarrased Lyraine / Placeholder Image by Lyraine Alei, myself


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