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— Lyraine Alei

Systems this World uses/Is being worked with:

D&D 3.5e

D&D 5e

Celenia:D10, or CD10


Soplas, a subcontinent of history and adventure, the northernmost landmass attached to a supercontinent (name pending). Corive is a world with one major continent, and smaller landmasses.


The north is dominated by Theydim, the former cradle of the Adrakian Empire in the ancient days of the first age. Theydim is torn in civil war as the High King died, without an agreed upon heir named.

To the East and South of Theydim is the Five Cities Region, where the Factory-Cities wheel and deal in trade and assassination between each other and only seem to unify against external forces.

In the middle of all the nations are the Contested Lands, torn by war yet still holding resources desired by outsiders.

The high mountains of the south east house Tormyra. Among the spires and towers of Tormyra is a constant power struggle as mages strive to advance magic and their families into the ranks of higher nobility. Magic is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Goltheris on the southern side of the eastern coast of Soplas - home of Guilds and industry. Where the Northerners have scars in their land by magic, the Southern Soplans weave magic into their daily lives and tasks, and none more so than Goltherines.

Across the waters from the Five Cities and Goltheris is the The Osiaric Empire on Oshrar.

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