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A Traveling People

The Gurram Peoples are a tribe of wandering gypsies who can be found traveling across the land in the Eastern Territories. They were brought together by their belief in the paranormal, such as spirits and ghosts. It is said that they travel during the night and sleep during the day. Gurram is the Druidian word for 'Frost-Watchers', Gur meaning cold and Ram meaning watchers. They are named this because when ghosts or spirits are nearby, the air becomes considerably colder and any nearby objects get covered in a thin coat of frost. The Gurram seek out ghosts in hopes of understanding them better. The Gurram believe that Ice-lerge is the entrance to the spirit world, explaining why it is the coldest place in Coreth.  

The Spirit World

The Gurram believe in the Muto and that when one dies their soul travels to Ravgin Fort like most people in Coreth, but they also believe that if a soul has unfinished business, then instead of traveling to Ravgin, they stay in Coreth, but are transported into a parallel version of it known as the Spirit World. In the spirit world, spirits wander about, trying to complete their unfinished business. In the Spirit World, they usually sound and look different from their original form. While they can see the people not in the spirit world, they can not see them beck, unless they use specific spells or rituals. For example, the Gurram have a spell cast on all of their lanterns so that when a ghost comes into the light of one it can be seen faintly. The dead ones in the spirit world mostly turn into their spirit animals, while rarely they will turn into personifications of their personality. In the Spirit World, the air is considerably thicker, making most noises sound muffled. If a live being enters the spirit world and it does not have an abnormally strong will or mind, it will probably fall into a spiral of madness and be stuck in the spirit world forever. This will also cause them to be refused entrance into Ravgin, meaning that their truly is no escape from this fate. This is why the Gurram are a cautious people and why they steer clear of Ice-lerge.
The Guise of a Gurram.   A normal Gurram nomad wears traditional purple robes that cover from the neck down to the shins. If they wish they can wrap purple cloth about their head to cover everything but their fringe and face. An elder Gurram wears the same but is adorned with necklaces and bracelets and rings and earring s made from nuts, usually conkers or hazelnuts. A Gurram Chandler, candles are a sacred tool in Gurram rituals, wears the same but in plain white, and they must bleach their hair and always have it showing. A Gurram Gossen, the main Gurram who is in charge of Ghost hunts, wears black robes and must have a skull painted on their whole face, as if they were wearing a mask.

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