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Land of Thieves

Aradia is full of thieves, assassins and traitorous villains who all believe that the darkness is the answer to their problems. To hide in the shadows to hide from their fears. Liars and murderers corrupt Aradia like weeds in a garden. The whole country is mostly barrenland, with a few mountains and hills. No green has ever graced Aradia's cursed soil, and it never will. Aradia is sometimes referred to as the country of the Darke Force, due to how many dark sorcerers are born and raised here. Most of the sorcerers grow up to become great evils in the world. Aradians are a sadistic bunch, and the majority of them are incapable of feeling things such as sympathy or empathy. Not unlike the Trollk, Aradians are known for riding foul creatures known as Dravans. They also hold great dravan races in circular arenas for entertainment. The biggest of these arenas can be found in the Aradian city of Worbred.  

Aradian Practises

Some popular Aradian hobbies include the art of snake taming, which incudes a form of hypnosis known as Snare Magic, painting, by painting, it is smearing a dye across vellum, or playing music with drums, wind instruments or string instruments. Due to the amount of tyranny in Aradia, many children and teenagers of Aradian cities are forced to steal food or money in order to survive. A famous Aradian thief is the young adult, Raja the Grapestealer. When he was young, he stole bread and fruit from merchant caravans and market stalls, but now, he is a skilled member of The Eight Thieves.Aradians are quite skilled alchemists, and are capable of brewing some of the most dangerous venoms and poisons in the world, such as Grimin Tor. Grimin Tor is made with venom from a snakes fang, the soliva of a dravan, and the tail of a scorpion. Hornet juice, a sweet Aradian brew, is the main drink in the darklands of Aradia. It is made up of honey, sugar and orange juice. It is said that the Aradians sometimes sneak something into hornet juice that drives the drinker to madness. It causes them to only want to drink hornet juice, meaning that if they were to leave Aradia, they would surely die of thirst, as hornet juice does not travel well, and is only made withinin Aradian borders.  

Aradian Military

The Aradian military are a force to be reckoned with. The soldiers wear large pointy helmets, with a thin slit for them to see out of. They are referred to, by their enemies, as the Pinheads. They primarily bear short katanas, and sometimes a large shield. Captains have a purple ribbon coming from the top of their helmets. If cowardice or disobedience was shown by a soldier, their entire division was killed and replaced with Trollk. This made sure that no one fled the war or refused to take orders from their superiors. Some famous Aradian war heroes are Kralsei, who bore a sickle and was famous for his cruelty and combat prowess. It is said he has killed many a Boarblood. Another is Murgg the assassin who was responsible for sneaking into Welldon City and murdering King Albert. He was said to have feet lighter than a cat's. Murgg was born in Mornith, and on the same day of his birth, he became an orphan. He was found by an old thief and taught how to smuggle and steal from the age of three. He learnt spells through eavesdropping, and eventually snook off to join the army. Soldiers will sometimes lick the blunt side of their blades for good luck. They adapted this superstition from the Trollk. The Aradian army was set up, so that in a 'congregation' is a 1000 warriors. A 'wake' can be between 10-20 soldiers. A wake is lead by a 'Vulturion', and a congregation is led by a 'Sorperium' officer. Scorperium officers carry the most power. They command the Vulturions, who in turn command their wakes. A normal soldier is known as a 'Wren'. No glory goes to the wrens. To move up the ranks, one must challenge the Vulturion to one on one combat, not to the death though. If the Vulturion is beaten, he becomes the wren and the wren will be promoted to Vulturion. A Scorperium officer is chosen by true skill and tyrannic leadership. Aradian warriors are known for usingsmall knives and sickle swords.   Aradia is hated across the map because of its tendency to annoy other countries, in turn, starting a war that could last years. In Coreth, peace is one of the most sought out things, but to Aradia, war is a game that they want to keep playing over and over again. Aradia's neighbouring country, Dethstrand, is said to be their main ally, lending them troops whenever, and transporting them weapons and equipment whenever.  

Aradian Religion

Aradians primarily worship Calamity, muto of darkness, malice and winter and his minions. They offer him things such as the blood of their foes, weaponry, and animals. During rituals, the Aradians wear black eyepatches in honour of Calamity, since his eye was taken from him by Muka, muto of Power, mountains and Autumn during the siege of Ravgin Fort. The Aradian children will sometimes act out this scene at special events or feasts, emphasising how very 'villainous' Muka was.  


Aradia was the first country to break away from the first civilisation, the kingdom of Yusuf the first man. The man who led them was known as Vengu, and he was assisted by his brother Morla. It is said that they carried a great and darke power with them, and passed it on through their people. Their first refuge was in the great hills of Ara, where they eventually built the stronghold of Ara. When they had gathered enough strength, they launched an assault on Yusuf's wester holds on the Core Island, killing hundreds of his men. Yusuf himself then came unto the battlefield, and sliced Vengu in twain. Filled with anger and the want for revenge, it is said that Morla raised a pillar from the bones of the earth, and destroyed an entire city with one spell. But he then grew reckless and challenged Yusuf to a duel. Yusuf's combat prowess was too much, and he was too killed that day. Yusuf gave them both a proper burial out of respect, and sent them off to the Void to rest with the stars and moon.

The Darkness Promises all.

Geopolitical, Country
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Head of State
Ara, City on the Grey Hills.   Ara, the capital of Aradia, is a great and formidable fortress. It is the seat of the Aradian king. If one was to lay siege to Ara, one must get through gallons of flaming oil being poured from the walls, a great and adamant royal guard, and an onslaught of poisonous arrows.   Worbred, City of Warr.   Worbred was first founded by Malowax, a man who was said to have the head of an axe stuck in his neck. It was first built to hold rituals devoted to calamity, but it was destroyed by Darakians from Darkran. Years later, it was used as an Aradian stronghold for war. It then became the city it is today. It houses the biggest Dravans racing arena to date.   Mornith, City of the Dark Morning.   Mornith is a large city just based west of Mt.Ornith. Mornith acts as a great gatehouse for the dungeon that is known as Acromis, the darkest place in the world. It is said that the screaming never stops down there, and that the screaming is like a lullaby to the torturers.   Sikley, the Training Grounds.   Here is where the light soldiers train in large groups, allowing for armies to be ready fast. The soldiers here can be as young as twelve. The living conditions here are not very good. The soldiers must sleep on dirty mats and most of them die from the nightly cold.   Krag, City of Krawns.   A great hub and port town that was built to take advantage of the large amount of Krawns in the nearby Otto's basin. Krawns are a type of small fish with tiny little legs. They are a local delicacy in Aradia. They are the main snack. They've been battered, they've been marinated; anything to add flavour to them has been done.   Krawdel, City Run by Thieves.   Krawdel is a maze-like city run by a secret organization known as the Bladecloaks. They scale the city's top, keeping everyone in check with threats and beatdowns.   Makraw, the Coal Mine.   Makraw is a great mining complex built into Mt.Makraw, the largest natural mountain in Aradia. Makraw provides Aradian citizens with steady coal-mining jobs. Makraw is run by the Overseer, a mysterious character that has a team of deadly assassins at his disposal. If he thinks anyone is going after his job, their guts will be spilled on the floor the next morning.

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