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Pilgrims of the Arkapath


The Pilgrims of the Arkapath are led by a ruthless nomad known as 'the Ringleader'. His true identity is unknown, as he is always wearing a purple dragon mask over his face. The rest of the pilgrims are merely just acolytes to the Ringleader, and will obey him without question. It has been theorized that the pilgrims are under a spell of obedience set by the Ringleader, as he has shown magical capability. He seemingly has the same power as that of a Calamitous mage.

Public Agenda

The pilgrims are seen as dangerous and unpredictable, and is not recommended to approach them if you are not a devoted follower of Calamity and his teachings. They are known to beat or kill anyone who speaks foul of their preferred muto.


The pilgrims have nothing but the clothes on their backs and the thoughts on their mind. They do not belong to a country, but they belong to the darkness. The shadows sent to Coreth by the spirit of Calamity, who now wallows about the halls of his own tomb.


The Pilgrims were founded quite recently, as there was a sudden decline in followers of Calamity, so they made it their job to convert travellers. They were founded by the mysterious 'Ringleader'. A self-proclaimed priest of Calamity that wears a dragon mask to conceal his identity. He has a little expierience with magic it seems.

Divine Origins

The Pilgrims of the Arkapath are devoted followers in the religion of Calamity. Calamity was first idolized back in the first days of men by the Drakkun Brothers, or the Traitor brothers, who left the followers of Yusuf to join Calamity's shadow. This then led to the first war. Ever since then, the religion has lived on mainly in the Countries of Dethstrand and Aradia. The Pilgrims' job is to wander the roads of Aradia and attempt to convert any traveller they see, and if the traveller is stubbornly sticking with a religion they do not approve of...they better run.


Every morning, when a pilgrim wakes up, they must chant the marching song of the Drakkun brothers. Every time they finish eating meat, they must plant the bones in the ground, as it is believed that if they do this, the creature will end up in the catacombs of Calamity instead of Ravgin Fort. They also do this with their dead and their enemies' dead.

Follow us, for the way of Calamity is the only way. Though it may be opposed, in the end...darkness looms over all.

Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
The Dark Travellers. Rulers of the Aradian paths
Training Level
Arkan Pilgrims
The Chant of the Drakkun Brothers (translated).   Bury my bones, Bury my Bones, For then I may be at ease. Bury my Bones, Bury my Bones, oh won't you please.   The Road goes on, I don't know how long, but our goal may be at the end. The darkness will show us right, and so will the night, and then through him we'll ascend.   Ascend to the Catacombs will I, ascend to the Catacombs will I. But first, you must bury my bones.         The Pilgrims speak and sing in the language of Gann, or Dark Aradian as it is more commonly known.

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