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Blessing of the Raven Queen (Ray-Vuhn kwEEn)

Blessing of the Raven Queen

The Blessing of the Raven Queen is a specific effect that target Shadar-Kai whether they pledge their loyalty to the Raven Queen or not. However, this power can be enhanced depending on how Zealot you are. Zealotry effects Shadar-Kai as their ability to wield the Blessing of the Raven Queen increases the more the are loyal to it. Zealots are often Paladins who have been corrupted to their core and sworn oaths to Ravica to keep her alive and kill any who disappoint Ravica.

Artist Depiction of what the feeling of being Blessed may look like - Artist Unknown

Raven Queen

The Raven Queen is a title from the old Raven Kingdom which still exists as a compromise during the merging of the Kingdom of Carthoga and the Raven Kingdom. The title now has a selected heir by whoever currently holds the title.

Zealotry and Zealots

The basic blessing that all Shadar-Kai have is being able to teleport 30 feet as a bonus action, doing this as many time as the Shdar-Kai's proficiency bonus. At the 3rd level the Shadar-Kai go translucent and gain resistance to all damage while teleporting.     Medium Zealotry which is achieved during Raven Pray allows for the teleportation range to double and to be given advantage when attacking from dim light.
High Zealotry is when someone has walked the Pious path up Raven Peaks. This allows for 2d6 extra damage in all necrotic or necromancy damage   Zealots who have reached High Zealotry will often attack other Shadar-Kai who renounce their ability or don't recognise Ravica


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23 Aug, 2023 14:22

I'm having trouble seeing what makes this a "negative condition" in the first place? (Unless, I guess, you're looking at it from the standpoint of somebody NOT in the service of the Raven Queen?) The benefits granted by the condition seem obvious enough, though.   Either way though, this is a good example of adapting game mechanics introduced in published worlds into a homebrew world - an important talent for DMs to have. Nice work.   The gods of Randomness have chosen you and this article to be part of my 2023 Reading Challenge. Come see what I have to say about this and the other articles picked for my challenge

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