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Continent of Thuur

04/18/436 ASL

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Misfits, refugees, adventurers and ordinary people: all were welcome to the Leviathan, a gigantic, magical-powered ship created to do the impossible: escape from their war-torn homes by sailing through the impassable oceans of the world. In the landmass they discovered, they worked to begin a new era of peace, freedom and prosperity, without the problems of the Old Continent. Soon, the conflicts between the different folks and ideologies proved the futitility of their dream.   Centuries later, the continent of Thuur is on the brink of war: the Central Authority of Primus, sole controller of the few magic on the area, awaits an opportunity to reclaim their lost territories. The Kingdom of Sextus, their most hated rival, has recently lost most of the Royal Family, and seems to be the best target...

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