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The city of Feducia is the capital city of the kingdom of the same name. Founded early in the second age, only King Amrun knows the true origins of the settlement. Through the centuries, the history of Feducia was lost to time. Wars, disease, and unrest in the second era destroyed much of what was written. What is accepted as general knowledge is three facts: Feducia dates back to the beginning of the second era, Feducia has never fallen to enemy attack, and King Amrun is the only ruler the city or kingdom has ever known. The council of Feducia deals with the day to day operations of the city, and acts as an intermediary between Amrun and his vassals.


Feducia is a massive, sprawling, tiered city. Spreading from the Rochdal isthmus to the far eastern edge of Feducia island, the city essentially consists of many smaller cities in progressive tiers. The tiers, slanting up from west to east, are as such:
    • Lower Farms: Sprawling farmlands and small homesteads.
    • Upper Farms: Larger plantations and small settlements.
    • Outer Villas: Low density residential area, scattered markets, and large gardens. Many plantation owners live here.
    • Outer Wall: The beginning of the city proper and defensive fallback point for the lower tiers.
    • The Tangle: A confusing mess of dense slums built against the outer wall. Due to extremely high population density, disease and fire are both common and devastating. The primary focus for many of the temples' relief efforts.
    • Aqueduct Primus: An artificial canal separating the Tangle from the Inner Villas. Water is pumped up from Lake Rochdal, allowing the canal to be drained to form a defensive moat.
    • Inner Villas: High density residential and commercial district. The home to the majority of the population of Feducia City.
    • Temple District: Home to temples of the non-evil deities of the human pantheon. Minor temples and shrines can be found for lesser deities and deities of non-human cultures.
    • Aqueduct Alter: An artificial canal separating the Inner Villas from the Gold Forum. Similarly supplied with water as Aqueduct Primus.
    • The Gold Forum: The primary mercantile district of the city, home to higher end shops, bulk goods traders, banks, and other large businesses. Warehouses situated along canal.
    • Inner Wall: The inner defensive wall of the city, protecting the Shining Peak and the Citadel.
    • Shining Peak: The highest class dwellings, reserved for nobles and those with great economic or religious power within the city. Several story houses, grand columns, and cultivated gardens dominate the district. The "Shining" in the name derives from the silver plated roofs of much of the district.
    • The Citadel: The seat of King Amrun and the Counsel of Feducia. A defensive wall surrounding a massive castle, with bright silver spires reaching into the sky.

Notable Locations

    • The Lean Duck (outer villas) - travelers inn, on main road
    • The Lucky Prince (The Tangle) - local bar
    • One Leg's (The Tangle) - mercenary bar, deep in the Tangle, not public knowledge
    • The Dancing Badger (inner villas) - local bar, near main road
    • Blackberry Pub (inner villas) - high end bar, right on canal
    • The Quick Fiddler (inner villas) - local bar, near Bravus Keep.

    • Bravus Keep: A keep on the far south end of the Inner Villas. Owned by Count Bravus, a member of the Counsel. Nephew of Count Bravus, Baron Ryan Bravus.
    • Alter Keep: A keep bridging the north of Aqueduct Alter, owned by Viscountess Calza.
    • Stowe Keep: A keep in the north of the Shining Peak. Owned by Duke Stowe, a member of the Counsel.
    • Fort Renatus: A campus and attached fort dedicated to training the city guard, militia, and maintaining a military presence on and around the walls. Situated directly on the center of Aqueduct Alter, the canal running through the campus. Named after the current commander of Feducia's military, General Renatus, a commoner given title through rank and experience.
    • Callum's Curiosities (inner villas): Magical trinkets and lesser magical items, north end
    • Donavan's Ironworks (outer villas/inner villas): Dwarf run armorer and blacksmith, shop found in inner villas
    • Platinum Dragon Arcanum (Gold Forum): Magical items and armor shop, limited stock, custom orders common. Bahamut featured in sign and décor.
    • Casca Goods: General store and supply store, locations throughout city.
Education Centers:
    • The Silver Towers (Shining Peak): High end magic school serving the whole of Feducia as the highest level of magical education. Towers dedicated to different schools of magic extend into the sky and deep underground.
    • The Alcibiadi House of Abjuration (Inner Villas): A complex devoted to the magic of protection, frequently producing mages for the Silver Spears, the Feducian military.
    • The Collegium Argent (Temple District): The greatest mundane higher education in the kingdom, the Collegium Argent also serves as a temple to Ioun, the Knowing Mistress.
Large city

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