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The continent of Concordia is lush and vibrant land, filled with diverse people, cultures and landscapes. However, this was not always so as, thanks to an event known only as 'The Confluence', the very fabric of the realm was once completely altered.   Long ago, a powerful mage (in the midst of his experiments manipulating the weave) caused the Inner Planes to 'bleed' into the Prime Material. This caused unimaginable destruction. Growing nations were torn down, entire races were pushed to the brink of extinction and valuable knowledge was forever lost in the years which the Elemental forces ravaged the world, shaping the landscape forever as they did.   Eventually, a group of powerful individuals rose up and were able to control the chaos and minimise the Inner Planes' influence on the land, closing most of the portals which connected them to the continent before vanishing completely.   To this day, no knowledge of the individuals who caused or corrected the events of 'The Confluence' has been found. Nor is there much written history still in existence from the time before this. However, for the last five hundred years, the people of Concordia have focused on rebuilding their civilisation and adjusting to life around the remnants of this catastrophe.