February 18th, 2068

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2068: The World has been redefined.   A shadow of it's former self, two decades after the 'Second Wall Street Crash' and the collapse of the global economy; society as we know it is no more. Government control remains, though it is puppetry orchestrated by the Mega-Corporations that truly run the scene. A necessary evil, for without them, society collapses under the weight of it's own monetary demand.   We are nothing, save for the price tags we pay. Your life is owned by your budget. Sciences and cold facts became the common 'comforts' of reality. To handle rampant over population, Mega Installations were constructed across the globe. This colossal cities span the horizon, blocking the morning sun with neon and chrome.   Crime rates are through the roof, those refusing to sell off their humanity or their freedom in exchange for regular pay, or those seeking to profit off of the unfortunate circumstances of others. The legal system drives hard, yet is subject to individual location. One ward has laissez faire attitudes, another has kill teams invade slums.   Yet in the shadows of technology and materialism, the esoteric, the occult, and the forgotten begin to rumble from their slumber, quiet whispers, hushed chants, but such is hardly relevant, hmm?   All that can be said, though, is this is a world where the wolves hunt without remorse, yet you can make it, survive, even thrive... but everything has a cost:   What are you willing to give?     (All art is not owned by me and simply place-holder, full credit goes to their creators.)