Timer Videos

This is a guide and referance for the Timer Videos I have been making and use on my Stream and can be seen in the VoDs in that link. It has been spell checked since some of those videos and "Hydate" has been properly corrected to "Hydrate." (Oops)   The timers are all set up on a 15 minute work sprint 5 minute break timer. I've kept the sprint portion silent and non distracting while the break portion does have reminders to take some chat time, hydrate, and stretch.The last 30 seconds are a bit more eye catching and does have a cheer sound for the final 10 seconds with a posture check. If set to loop it will then just restart in silence for the next 15 minute sprint.  

Ready-To-Go Downloadable Green Screen Timer

  This is the basic green screen timer, pretty much what I use on my stream. When used with a Chroma Key Filter in OBS or Streamlabs, the green can be removed and can be placed over an element in your overlay.   Green Screen Sprint/Break Timer  

Customize Your Own

For a more customized timer, I am including templates and a link to the program I use. It is possible with the video editor to add background or a still image to the timer if you so desire.   The video editor I use for making these videos is a free one I came across online. So far, I'm very impressed with it. Any attached templates are set up to use with that program which can be downloaded on their site. OpenShot Video Editor   There are two templates in this Folder.   Please note that when you open either template in Open Shot, it will alert you that it cannot find the various resources. If you download the Resources folder you may direct OpenShot to look in that folder and it should load all of the resources.  

First is the "Sprint Timer Template Chroma Keys"

  This is the Template if you would like to add background video or still images to the timer. Add your desired files to the Track 1 line and they will appear beneath the Text and Timers. I have Chroma keys in place to remove the green of the Timer and Text. There are also Brightness and Hue filters that you can adjust with the sliders in the program. This will change the color of the outline of the text or the brightness of the black lettering if you desire to match it to your background.

Second is the "Sprint Timer Template"

  This is the template for the downloadable green screen timer video at the beginning of the article. If you desire to adjust the coloring of the 30 second countdown to your own color, you can use the Hue filter. Sound effects can also be added and changed in here.
This is definitely not my most well written tech article, very rough draft. I just wanted to get this out to share since there's been some interest.   The sounds and videos I am including are open source or royalty free items that I found through YouTube and other sources to avoid any potential DMCA issues. The image files with the text were made by me.   I will try to add to this with frequent questions as they come in as well as some screenshots.   I'm also VERY open to suggestions. What I am presenting in this article is the way I've taught myself and there is likely to be easier ways to work with this, I just don't know them yet.   Please feel free to DM me on Discord, Nikolas#6793, or leave comments with questions or suggestions.
I'm offering these as a token of my thanks and a way to give back to this community. In World Anvil and ASC I truly feel I have found a home with an unending supply of encouragement and support. You have all taught me so much in my short time here and continue to every day. Thank you to all of you.


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