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Coldstone Point

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The forgotten town upon the mountainside. The town that doesn't exist anymore. It burned down decades ago, yet here you are, stuck in its foggy streets and desperately looking for a way out.   Coldstone Point was a large town (or a small city to some) in western Montana, USA near the border of Idaho. Located within a valley in the Rocky Mountains, it was once a thriving community that suffered a terrible fate, followed by its utter destruction in 1971 to a horrible fire. Those who view Coldstone Point now will only see the dried out "Lake Farland" that sat at its core, a large church, a few burnt out buildings, and the remains of a burnt down, demolished town covered by times gone by.   But to those that Coldstone Point calls to, a new place awaits them...   Through a treacherous drive through fog, simply getting lost on a random backroad, or sometimes just waking up there, you will find yourself in the reanimated corpse of a town that can only be described as Hell. The buildings that once teemed with life now sit abandoned, vandalized, and empty. Denizens survive in camps as they scavange and defend themselves from the horrors within. Religious zealots roam the town in quiet, cautious, but possibly hostile expeditionary teams.   The humans who inhabit this place are the least of your troubles however, compared to those that may have once been human. Nobody knows why, but a horrible force refuses to let the town die. Spirits roam illusively, demonic entities prey upon the weak-minded, and physical beings look to feast on flesh, soul, and the very fears that crawl within your mortal mind. Terrible powers are at work in the town of Coldstone Point, as reality itself is twisted into a dark mirror of itself.   Terrible beings inhabit the alleys, the shadows, and the many buildings as dark spirits call this town home. They prey upon the weak, the pitiful, the innocent, the flesh, and the bone. Denizens, who call Coldstone Point home, do not aspire to greatness. They will never be able to witness the sunny skies of Earth, as they live day to day, doing what they can to survive within the haunted town.   But greater unholy rites are at play, and a dark secret lies within the depths of the great town. With walls towering into the sky, and a dark Cathedral rising even higher, the Infernal District looms over all. It beckons for anyone to try and breach its inner corridors, but all who have entered the Infernal District speak of horrors unimaginable, and no one has ever returned from the Cathedral that sits at its core.   Maybe some day, the Denizens of Coldstone Point will find salvation. Until then, they are damned, doomed to walk these streets, and live out their lives in suffering. No one knows why they are imprisoned here. Some suspect that they are atoning for the sins of their ancestors, others believe that they are being punished for misdeeds that their mind not dare remember.   One thing is certain however: All roads to lead to Coldstone Point, and no roads lead out.  
Coldstone Point is a passion project spawned from my love of horror. While it was originally made as a roleplay setting, it now stands as a world on its own. I considered this world to be finished, but upon reviewing it, I've decided to possibly continue work on it, and expand it with my evergrowing love for horror.