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The Cliffs are the sheer vertical bases of each of the sub-continents of the Clifflands. There are four Cliffs in the Clifflands, each with the naming scheme of [bottom sub-continent prefix]-[top sub-continent prefix] Cliff. They are named as follows from lowest elevation to highest; Plain-Stone Cliffs, Stone-Sun Cliffs, Sun-Over Cliffs, and Over-Stop Cliffs.



The Cliffs are extremely sheer and vertical scarps, differences in elevation caused by faults. The Cliffs range in height from the lowest two cliffs (the Plain-Stone Cliff and the Stone-Sun Cliff) each being approximately 2.9-3.2km in height. The Sun-Over cliff is approximately 3.8-4 km in height and the Over-Stop cliff is approximately 5.5km in height. The Cliffs are rather firm but the vertical nature of the Cliffs cause their bases to be under significantly more stress than their tops. Three quarters up the cliffs is the ideal spot for excavations.  


The Cliffs are a major determinant on the climates of their base cliffs. The Plain-Stone Cliffs cause heavy relief precipitation onto the Plainlands, and the Stone-Sun Cliffs prevent precipitation in the Sunlands. The Sun-Over Cliffs cause the rivers of the Overlands to end as waterfalls, creating the most fertile sections of the Sunlands. The physical shadow of some Cliffs cause dark zones where water or ice can pile up, creating the irregular rivers seen on some of the lower plateaus.

Fauna & Flora


The bases of Cliffs are only home to different vines, the tallest vine known reaching 0.5km vertically.  


The only two species known to spend majorities of some stages of their lives in the Cliffs are Moyals and Stonebeaks. They possess specialized beaks and claws to carve out stone in the Cliffs.

Natural Resources

The Stone-Sun Cliffs are the only recorded locations where Marblium can be extracted.

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