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The large supercontinent on the Planet of the Clifflands world. It is the only landmass on the Planet. It is divided into 5 regions by the cliffs, from lowest to highest these are: the Plainlands, the Stonelands, the Sunlands, the Overlands and the Stoplands.


The Clifflands are five continental plates that developed from an original single large continental mass on the Planet. The original continent was larger in horizontal area than all 5 sub-continents. The center of the original continent swelled upwards, and the cooler stone of the outer-continent faulted and split the original continent into the Plainlands and secondary sub-continent that was the size of the the other sub-continents combined, and thus the Plain-Stone Cliff was developed. This cycle of swelling and faulting repeated with the Stonelands, Sunlands, Overlands and finally the Stoplands. The smaller area of the Stoplands resulted in the formation of a super volcano, which erupted multiple times and spread essential minerals as sediment to all the sub-continents.



The Clifflands are separated into 5-subcontinents vertically by sheer cliffs. Unique cliffs exist within the Clifflands. These concentric cliffs separate the plateaus of the sub-continents from eachother. The sub-continents vary in area. From largest to smallest, the order of the cliffs are Sunlands, Plainlands, Stonelands, Overlands, Stoplands. The lowest two cliffs (the Plain-Stone cliff and the Stone-Sun cliff) are each approximately 2.9-3.2km in height.. the Sun-Over cliff is approximately 3.8-4 km in height and the Over-Stop cliff is approximately 5.5km in height. While atmosphere does thin approaching the Sunlands, the mass of the plateaus causes the atmospheric pressure to decrease at a rate lower than the altitude increases.  


Each sub-continent in the Clifflands possess their own climates and weather patterns. The temperature varies the most in the Sunlands, while the temperature of the Overlands is the most stable. The Plainlands recieve the most precipitation due to their coastal nature, meanwhile the rain shadow of the cliffs results in the Stonelands being significantly drier, and the Sunlands being even more arid.

Fauna & Flora

Each sub-continent is home to a unique set of plant and animal life.  


There are no known species of plant which exist and thrive in multiple sub-continents aside from a few grass shared between the Stonelands and Plainlands.  


There are 3 species known to live across multiple sub-continents. Humankind lives on all 4 habitable sub-continents. Moyals and Stonebeaks are known to have populations primarily in the Stonelands, but have been spotted living in groups in the Plainlands.


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    The Clifflands Continent

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