Those Little Bastards

The obnoxious 2002 debut of E. Christopher Clark is peppered with “tang and spice,” according to the poet Psychofairy, who also calls Those Little Bastards “completely uncensored and unabridged.” But beneath the dated and occasionally problematic prose is the heart of a fearless and defiant young writer passionate about presenting his stories to the world.


A pious and well-respected landlady chafes under the rule of a false god; a depraved and lonely man hacks his way to a date in the days before Tinder; a piano instructor has a tawdry affair with a pop star he’s tutoring, but wonders whether his daughter is safe from men like him; and a husband sent to the doghouse discovers two weirdoes, a shovel, and lots of open land.


Table of Contents

Those Little Bastards cover

Author: E. Christopher Clark

Published: 1 October 2002


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