Out of the Woods

The author of the “quixotic and engaging” Missing Mr. Wingfield (BlueInk Review), which Foreword Reviews called “an eye-opening look at the universality of regret,” brings you fourteen short stories which weave the fabulous with the mundane.


Three sons send their father to Valhalla in his old jalopy. A rusted robot waits on the stone wall by a child’s bus stop. An undertaker is one coin short at the river Styx.


Fathers and the daughters they find, girls and the dogs they’ve loved, and a woman from Kansas with a cyclone in her heart—find out what happens when people go too far, love too hard, and take too much as they make their way Out of the Woods.


Table of Contents

  1. Anything But Pure
  2. One Player or Two?
  3. No, I Am
  4. Where It Hurts
  5. Parameters
  6. A Pun in the Punchline
  7. The Price
  8. Visitation
  9. The Rest of the Ritual
  10. Books & Letters
  11. Dogs
  12. Ventricle
  13. Forks
  14. Receding

Out of the Woods cover

Author: E. Christopher Clark

Published: 17 May 2017


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