30 September 2019

Clarkwoods is an interconnected series of novels & short fiction centered on the family secrets and forbidden obsessions of The Silvers, their lovers, and friends.


Author E. Christopher Clark laid out the mission for Clarkwoods in the foreword to the 2002 edition of Those Little Bastards, a collection of short stories tied together by the time-traveling landlady Emily Henderson: every one of Clark’s published works of prose and verse, as well as every one of his publicly performed stage plays, is canon—thanks to the cyclical nature of reality in Clarkwoods’ literary universe.


And, while selections of Clark’s work will always be available to read for free, you can read it all by supporting Clarkwoods on Patreon!

Missing Mr. Wingfield cover
The Seven Wives of Silver cover
Bad Poetry Night - WA.jpg
Those Little Bastards cover
All He Left Behind cover
Out of the Woods cover

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