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Also known as Chaurus Lions, these are a race of Moschorhinus like therapsids with a mane that conceals spikes and a long deadly tail. They're an invasive species overbuilt to deal with modern prey.

Basic Information


Quadrupeds with wolf and big cat like body plans, the hind legs tend to be more reptilian

Biological Traits

Fur, osteoderms (bone armor in the skin), and scales. Retractable claws

Ecology and Habitats


Dietary Needs and Habits


Additional Information


The Highborn Elves domesticated them which helped preserve them after their native habitat dissapeared. The elves bred them into living weapons. As the elven empire expanded manticores were spread across the glode

Facial characteristics

Long caine teeth, cat like face occasionally with horns

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Keen eyesight

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