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Heat Cloak

The caster generates heat around themselves to keep opponents out of melee range

Side/Secondary Effects

The caster isn't immune to the heat and needs to endure it long enough for it to be useful. Those attuned to fire are empowered by the heat and gain enhanced durability and strength.


A shimmering heat wave localized on the caster


An entry level spell developed so novice mages wouldn't have to cloak themselves in fire. It's also used to help build up endurance.

Gestures & Ritual
Mental focus
Related School
Elemental Magic
Related Element
Around the caster
Applied Restriction
The caster has to hold their breath while using this ability, otherwise they'll breathe in the hot air and burn the inside of their lungs. Fire attunment allows the caster to breathe the hot air and gain limited health regeneration.

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