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In the ancient days of the Dragon Pacts, certain dragons taught their most trusted servants, the Dragon Kings, Draconic words of power to help them guard against Pact Breakers. Correctly speaking these words allowed one to unleash powerful magical energies upon their enemies. While written records of the Dragon Language remain, and some Draconic words have even made their way into human language, the proper pronunciation of them was lost after the fall of the Dragon Kings.   Wyrmtongues are humans who study the Dragon Language so they can call upon its words of powers. This is typically accomplished by apprenticing oneself to another Wyrmtongue, but it is possible for a person with a gift for languages and access to documents written in the Dragon Language to learn how to speak the words correctly without training. Like their Dragon King predecessors, split their tongues and file their teeth to point in order to correctly speak the Dragon Language. Many embrace their resulting freakishness, often supplementing their appearance with tattoos and other body modifications or decorations.   Since the proper pronunciation of a Draconic word is the key to its power, most Wyrmtongues avoid using any but the most common words of power when others of their kind may be around to hear it. This probably explains why Wyrmtongues tend to avoid one another and have never banded together to share and preserve their knowledge. Apprenticeship is the only common exception to this rule.

Game Information

Note: Game information is from an old version of the Cinemechanix system and will be updated when the final version is worked out. A Wyrmtongue uses Presence to speak Draconic words of power. Speaking the words causes exhaustion and temporarily reduces maximum Fu. The numbers after the word (X/Y/Z) represent immediate Fu loss (X), Fu reduction for the Scene (Y), and Fu reduction for the remainder of the adventure (Z). Power words can’t be used if Fu is 0 or less.  

Sample Dragon Words

  • Strakzdracka (Dragon Fear) (2/1/0): The caster must make eye contact with the target when speaking this word. If the target fails a Presence contest, it is paralyzed for a number of rounds equal to (Effect + Caster’s HF - Target’s HF).
  • Zobrazitskrittae (True Sight) (2/2/1): DN is 5. If successful, the caster gets +HF on all Perception rolls for a number Scenes equal to the Effect. In addition, the caster can detect magical items and effects by making a Perception roll with a DN of 10.
  • Prezeeravodst (Foresight) (3/2/1): This word can be used as a reaction whenever another character is going to roll an Exploding Die. If the character wins a contested Presence roll, he steals the Wild Die and can use it for any later roll.
  • Rozpylitmagyu (Dispel Magic) (5/3/2): This word can be used to dispel a magical effect or render a magical item temporarily inert. The DN is set by the GM depending on the effect or item.
  • Drachivorma (Dragon Form) (Special/3/2): DN 5. Caster immediately gains Fu equal to Effect, develops scales (AR = Effect) and dragon-like claws (+Effect to attack rolls) for a number of rounds equal to Hero Factor. When the spell ends, the caster loses Fu equal to double the Effect.
  • Oonivydysss (Fire Breath) (5/3/2): The caster breathes fire in a cone Effect feet long and 1/2 Effect feet across at the far end. This is treated as a area attack with the wyrmtongue’s Presence roll used as the attack roll.

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