The Queen of Eyes

The Queen of Eyes Okanya ("Mother of Eyeders") (a.k.a. The Eyeder Queen)

"Don't be daft. You telling me you really believe there's some great human-faced eyeder scurrying about down below? It's an old wives' tale, made up by the smugglers to keep folks out of the undercity, simple as that."
Enzo the Puppeteer, Queen of Eyes denier

Physical Description

Body Features

Okanya's overall form is similar to common eyeders , but vastly larger. She's usually described as having a central body about the size of a small horse, but some stories compare her to beasts as large as an elephant. In addition to a single large eye on her back, The Queen of Eyes' entire body (and some say her legs, as well) are covered in smaller eyes. Some claim that these smaller eyes belong to her children, who eventually separate from her body and scurry away to the city above.

Facial Features

The Queen's human face is never described as "plain" or "average," but whether she has the face of a beautiful maiden or a hideous old hag varies with who's telling the tale.

Special abilities

Okanya has been ascribed a dizzying array of powers in various tales, but the most commonly mentioned are her skills in wizardry--particularly powerful charm and mind control magic--and the ability to see through the eyes of her "children" (the common eyeders found throughout the city).

Apparel & Accessories

One well-known tale makes reference to the Queen of Eyes wearing an actual crown, but since the crown is used for comedic effect later in the story it is widely assumed to be nothing more than a storyteller's embellishment.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As far as anyone knows, stories of the Queen of Eyes have been circulating for as long (or nearly as long) as the eyeders they say she rules have infested the City of Ten Thousand Daggers. Some stories claim she was the original eyeder, and that all the creatures who came after began life as the eyes that cover her body. Others say she was once a human chimerist, and that it was she who created the eye spiders in the first place. If that's the case, her current form is presumed to be the result of some curse or divine punishment, in part because the idea that she may have chosen and worked to achieve the form is too weird to contemplate.

Intellectual Characteristics

Early tales (which usually didn't make reference to her human face) painted the Queen of Eyes as a simple beast, but modern versions present her as having human or even superhuman intelligence. Many stories make reference to her command of the magical arts.

Personality Characteristics


In the earliest stories, The Queen of Eyes wanted to either eat people or lay her eggs in their corpses. The human-faced Okanya, however, has more varied interests. In these stories she may enlist humans to gather magical ingredients for her research, search out ancient volumes of arcane wisdom and other artifacts of interest to her, or perform other tasks that her form makes difficult. Especially in stories where she can see through the eyes of her children, she often takes a keen interest in the intrigues of the city above, and may enlist humans to work on behalf of the factions that she feels should prevail.


Contacts & Relations

Over the centuries there have been occasional rumors of a cult who worships the Queen of Eyes, but these stories are either apocryphal or describe short-lived congregations that either fizzled out or were eaten by their would-be goddess.


Although most stories present the Queen of Eyes as having a regular human voice, a few specifically refer to her communicating telepathically with the humans she encounters.
Except for a particularly salacious and disturbing tale involving the Queen of Eyes and Kreeshka, Mastress of Debauchery, there is little information regarding Okanya's sexual needs or desires.

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