Mapvember 2022 Maps

These are the maps I made for #Mapvember2022. Links to relevant content provided where appropriate, but some of it is restricted to Patreon patrons only. To see those, you'll have to give me money.  


Map of Otlel's Arcanum made with Dungeon Alchemist.
Otlel's Arcanum Map by Steve Johnson
Gauntlets are kind of like extreme escape rooms orchestrated by the Wardsmiths' Guild to test new traps, monsters, and other protective measures. Otlel's Arcanum is an estate in North Ward that the guild bought to use as a gauntlet venue. The patron-only page has top-down maps and a key to the traps, creatures, and treasures inside (including a new monster, the Spine Beast).


Map of S
This map depicts Skulltop, final resting place of the The Skull of Kirlyok.


Mox Hole Mine Upper Level
Mox Hole Mine Upper Level by Steve Johnson
Mox Hol
Mox Hole Mine Lower Level
I went old school for this pair of maps of the Mox Hole Mine and the underground city of Opt-Sori beneath it. While making the maps, I found a trick to make things easier that I wrote up at Kingyak's Workshop.


Ruyasuluk's Nightmare Realm
Ruyasuluk's Nightmare Realm by Steve Johnson
Ruyasuluk's Nightmare Realm
Ruyasuluk's Nightmare Realm Tiles
The map for Ruyasuluk's Nightmare Realm works like a point crawl, but since it's a dream realm, the points keep changing. Just cut the tiles out of the second sheet and place them randomly (face down) on the squares. Reveal them when the PCs get close enough to see what's there and trade them out whenever the dreamscape changes.


The Floating City of Uszovaros Map
The Floating City of Uszovaros Map by Steve Johnson
After Baron Furkza's recent tour, word quickly spreads of a new exhibit at the Museum of Mysteries: A map purporting to describe the floating city of Uszovaros. Within days, cheap copies of the map are being passed around every coffee house and tavern in town as people theorize about the meaning of the map's cryptic labels. Furkza claims that he purchased the map from a man whose grandfather often claimed to have visited the floating ruins on a flying carpet as a young man. When the old man died, the Baron's source found the map among his belongings. The Baron of course gave his word that he would not reveal the identity of the person who sold him the map, but it's common knowledge that the Baron's word is only good as long as nobody's willing to pay him to break it.


Madame Xanthia's Map by Steve Johnson
Ok, so the "use screenshots to make an exploding 3D view" trick that I for the previous Dungeon Alchemist map breaks down at larger sizes. The top-down view maps of each floor are posted on the page for Madame Xanthia's Pleasure Palace. I'll clean them up a little better and label them at some point in the future. [Update: I realized that part of the problem is that the upper floors have several disconnected pieces, which causes everything to float off into confusion. I added "shelves to each floor to help make it easier to see which parts are on which floors. It's still not as pretty as the Guantlet map, but it's more readable.]  


There are no especially pleasant or luxurious living spaces in the Dagger Hill Slums, but most residents readily agree that sprawling complex variously known as "The Dagger Hill Deathtrap," "Furley's Folly," and "The Slumgate Abomination" is by far the worst. Twenty years ago, the complex was separated into three unremarkable broken-down tenement buildings. That ended when a former gladiator known as Furley the Roper used his winnings to buy one of the complexes. Furley took naturally to the role of slumlord and realized that he could increase his profits by increasing the amount of space he could let out to tennants. He started by expanding his initial comples--adding floors, building shacks in any open space that was large enough, and eventually adding rickety stilted platforms on which small cabins could be built. Over the years, he bought two more complexes and tied them together with bridge-like structures on which even more huts could be built. It's commonly believed that the only thing keeping him from erecting tents instead of building structures is the fact that canvas, hide, and the like are far more expensive than the scavenged materials he currently uses.

Cover image: Main Header Banner City of Ten Thousand Daggers by Steve Johnson


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