Khezvaran Idioms

Phrase Meaning
Ancient Zeldarian wisdom Hogwash, gibberish, or nonsense. The phrase is a reference to the fact that (contrary to common belief) the "Zeldarian" in "Zeldarian Steel" does not actually refer to some ancient or faraway place called  Zeldaria.  
A Blood Alley how-do-you-do An assassination attempt
By Gorim's blade Exclamation commonly used to express anger, surprise, or irritation. The invocation of the ancient Tarsan war god is generally taken as indication that violence is an option if the offending behaviour continues. 
By  Tolva's eyes Typically used to punctuate an oath. It's similar to swearing on your mother's grave or your children's lives, but considered less solemn since you're swearing upon the eyes of a bandit queen who's been dead for centuries. The phrase "By Tolva's eyes!" is also sometimes used as an exclamation similar to English expressions like "By Odin's Beard!," "Great Scott!," or "Suffering Sappho!" 
In Kyra's shadow Under the control of The Eternal Empire. The phrase came into use after the erection of the 100' tall statue of The Eternal Empress, which literally casts its shadow over a large swath of the city.
Keep the roses in your sight Originally a reminder to legionnaires to always be aware of the location of the Kobyonja healers (who carry shields with a rose device) on the battlfield, this phrase evolved into a common farewell. It's most often used when the person being addressed is expected to face danger or difficulty in the near future.
Like a maiden watching Kreeshka undress Dumbfounded, confused, or stunned. The phrase refers one of the Mastress of Debauchery's popular epithets, "Kreeshka of the Perplexing Genitalia." 
Tougher than a pork chop at The Pierced Kidney Extremely tough or leathery. A reference to Blood Alley's cheapest tavern.
What else can you do? An expression of resignation, used as sort of a verbal shoulder shrug in response to anything annoying, weird, or troubling, from a minor irritation to incomprehensible trauma.

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