Hursit Ozanzada (Imperial Governor)

(a.k.a. Governor Horseshit, Whore's Tit)

Hursit Ozanzada was appointed Khephale (Imperial Governor) of Khezvaros a little over 50 years ago when his predecessor, Stragegos Gokhan, was recalled to serve as the head of the The Eternal Empress's palace guard. Hursit is the first Imperial Governor not drawn from the upper ranks of the Imperial Army. Some see this as a sign that the Empress considers the city sufficiently integrated into the Empire that it no longer needs a military leader. Others believe that the imperial forces have enough control over the city that the Governor is little more than a figurehead and that the Empress used the superfluousness of the office to banish an unwanted relative far from the imperial court.   The theory that Hursit was specifically chosen to rule a minor province a thousand miles from the imperial court has some merit. While his name honors his paternal great-grandfather Ozan, Lord of Song, it is rumored that his mother's grandmother was Kiyamet, the Queen of Chaos. Given the sheer amount of grief that the Mistress of Mayhem has caused Kyra over the years, it's not surprising that the Empress would want to put as much distance between herself and Kiyamet's progeny as possible.   Hursit's actions as Governor haven't exactly proven him to be integral to the imperial government's operations in the city. While he adequately performs his duties at imperial functions, he's much happier gambling, whoring, and making merry than ruling the city. This trait has gained him some acceptance among the Khezvarans since he can often be found enjoying all the wealth of experiences that the City of Ten Thousand Daggers (particularly Madame Xanthia's Pleasure Palace) has to offer. This has not endeared him to the city's imperials, though some of his high-ranking subordinates seem perfectly happy with his relative absence from the day-to-day business of running the city.
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Rami Malek

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