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Zesmindha (a.k.a. Zess)

Zesmindha (Zess for short) is a short girl with odd coloured eyes. One is a light lavender, whilst the other is a darker violet. She is a shy girl who often appears distracted since she does not like to look people in the eyes. She loves to dance though and can reveal a more friendly and chatty nature when she is having fun. She started life as a servant in an Qandharan noble household, when the mistress sold her to a guest 86 years ago.   The story starts with her in a coma in the Chamber of the Sleepers in Nidhol. She has been in a coma for 86 years, though she still looks 15.   She is one of those, that could turn out to be a hidden Luniela.

Divine Domains

Illusions, Barriers, Invisibility, Sound, Colours, Shadows, Secrets, Listening, Music

Divine Classification
Current Location
Year of Birth
683 AA 199 Years old
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Sleepers, The
Other Affiliations

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