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The Chovantine Hegemony is anti-magic, but how the Tsuvaela and the Tsuborei are created could be seen as magic, though the House of Whispers will strenuously deny it. The Spiders (a nickname for the House of Whispers) search for twin children that have a talent for magic. At 15, they will undergo a ritual to bind them even tighter. If they survive, one of the twins, will become a Tsuvaela (seeker), whilst the other will become a Tsuborei (scryer). The Tsuvaela become assassins and executioners, and they will be sent out, partnered with a Morihen agent to serve the Chovantine Hegemony in whatever way is needed. Tsuvaela have a reputation of being cold, emotionless and aloof, but that is not always true. They are very very dangerous in combat and few can withstand an attack by from them.   Most Tsuvaela & Tsuborei are female, Male twins are more likely to die during the ritual a lot more often and when one twin dies, both will die.   What a Tsuvaela sees and says will also be seen and heard by their Tsuborei twin, and a Tsuvaela will always know exactly where their twin is, and feel any pain they feel.

Parent Organization
House of Whispers
Charwicke House

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