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Taunfel Sulise

Prince Taunfel Sulise (a.k.a. The Piper)

Description   Taunfel Sulise (Tawn-fel Su-lis) is a tall powerful man who is a skilled swordsman and general. He is also a skilled musician and poet. His instrument of choice is a flute, and when he is feeling melancholy (which is often) he likes to play. He is depressed and often dwells too much on the past. He has a light brown skintone, brown eyes and shoulder-length black hair. He also has a ragged beard. He has a soft sport for animals and children in need. Despite his great age, he still looks around 40.     Background   The Prince of Towys. Nearly 400 years ago, he was leading a band of knights towards Pellas to lay siege during the War of the Seven Kings. He and his knights, were transformed into immortal wolves by his angry lover, Aine Merethyn who had just found out he was invovled in the death of her father. Taunfel and his knights became bound to the forest known as White Wood, (or more specifically to the heart of the forest known as Vithien).     Opening Plot   With the death of Aine, he will find himself free of his curse (though his knights are still bound). He is heartbroken by the death of Aine and feeling lost and alone, he eventually comes to dwell in the slums of Sephirianne where he wallows in self pity. He has no concern about eating raw meat and often kills rats to eat raw. He discovers 3 baby rats after killing their mother, and on a whim he decides to adopt them. Their care slowly starts to bring him out of his apathy, and even causes him to give up eating meat completely.   This will eventually lead to him protecting some of the orphans on the street, from the attentions of the thugs and criminals of the city. This will lead him to be a problem for some of the crime lords. He will become known as the Piper (due to his liking of playing a pipe/flute) amongst the street kids.   Over time, he will come to realise he is not as free of his curse as he thought, and that when gets too emotional his wolf side will return. He will also discover he inadvertently is passing his Curse to the orphans and rats that he cares for.   He will become the centre around which the resistance to invading the Chovantine Hegemony congregates.     Friends & Lovers   Aine Merethyn is the love of his life, and he has no interest in replacing her. He has a strained and troubled relationship with his daughter, Tuala. He will become a father-figure to some of the orphans of Sephirianne, particularly Breigh. He builds a close friendship with the Cammontar Prince, Samiik Temyan when he is caught up in the city during the invasion.     Main Antagonists    

  1. Ommiel - General in charge of leading the Invasion of the World of Tianant. He is frustrated he is unable to suppress the Taunfel's insurgency in Sephirianne.
  2. Elech Wydion - Taunfel's friend and second in command. Unlike Taunfel, he embraces the Wolfen Curse and takes pleasure in the blood and violence. He leads a rebellion against Taunfel.
  3. Carbet Galasel - A Crime Lord of Sephirianne. He feels Taunfel is intruding on his business and wants him out of the way.


Family Ties

Hobbies & Pets

Divine Classification
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Prince of Towys
Year of Birth
421 361 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Dark Brown
Skin Tone
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Tanoine Language, Valassan Language, Daurellian Language
Character Prototype
Colin Salmon

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