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Seyahat (a.k.a. Oracle of Duyyan)

One of the Thitans. The most arrogant and elitist amongst the Thitans. Always sees herself as separate from everyone. Now known as the Oracle of Duyyan. A seemingly beautiful young woman but she is thought to be a couple of centuries old. No one knows her past or where she came from. Even Cammontari Emperors have been known to come to the Isle of Duyyan to seek her advice. Has 21 children living on the Isle of Duyyan with her. The children have been gathered from around the worlds of the Eshanjar Khorus. They are all potentially extraordinary powerful in magic, but show no sign of it, because Seyahat syphons it off from them. Some of the children are over a thousand years old but they don't seem to be aware of the passage of time. She currently wears a Humani form.   She was also known as Ashtartian, the lost Queen of Qodesh. As Ashtartian, her symbol was 3 stars on a white background.

Divine Classification
Current Location
Isle of Duyyan
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Oracle of Duyyan
Current Residence
Isle of Duyyan
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Seraphien Language
Character Prototype
Tannaz Tabatabaei

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