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Orphans of Sephirianne

When Taunfel Sulise starts to dwell in the slums of Sephirianne, a local gang of orphans start to see him as a place where they could be safe from the predation of others, especially more dangerous adult criminal gangs. Despite his desire to be left alone, Taunfel starts to feel protective of them, and when his knights start to trickle into Sephiriane, the knights, feeling lost and out of place, start to also feel protective of them. This bond starts to spread the curse that afflicts the knights to the Orphans. Breigh is the first to discover she transforms into a wolf when scared or angry but it is not long before others also discover it.   For the Chovantine invaders, assignment to the occupation of Sephirianne goes from a desired posting to a fearful posting.

Illicit, Gang
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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