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A nomadic people on the world of Pelagant. Oalani clans (iwi) make their homes on the Auma, and will often take the name for their clan from the name of these creatures. Since Auma live so long they can be home to extensive generations of an Oalani clan. In exchange for making their homes on these great creatures the Oalani will keep the Auma clean from parasites, and help protect it from some of the more dangerous ocean predators. The Oalani are often immune to Auma venom (for the most part), though contact with some of the more venomous tentacles can cause severe pain and cramps. The relationship is often similar to that between clown fish and anemones.   Oalani clans are led by a Clan Chief, usually a female Elder (though not always). And this chief does not reign absolutely as she is often more a first amongst equals than a monarch. And though each chief does hold her position for life, her successor will be chosen/voted for, by all the elders of the clan.   Oalani rarely attack other peoples, but when they do their weapons are often bone spears and knives. Often tipped with poison. Wood is one of the rarest trade goods for the Oalani and they will often take all that a trader has and use it carve small intricate totems and figurines.   Like the Kowhake, the Oalani do not like magic, but they can give birth to those who can utilise it. Any Oalani that starts to show any sign of being able to cast magic, they get labeled "wildlings" and are cast out to become Wave Dancers. Most do not survive long, but those that do will slowly transform into either an elemental Meryad or an Iaryads.

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