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Chiyaela (a.k.a. Nuanying)

One of the Thitans, who was trying to manipulate the worlds of the Eshanjar Khorus. Her true name is actually Chiyaela. She wears a Humani form.   Currently she is the immortal Sapphire Empress of Shinan. She is very territorial and does not like it when other Thitans enter her territory. She has been the most prolific amongst the Thitans in seeding sorcerous Bloodlines. She currently has 21 noble families in Shinan that can claim descent from her. She particularly has a grudge against Seyahat as Seyahat stole one of her most promising scions for her collection at Duyyan.
Divine Classification
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Seraphien Language
Character Prototype
Zanilia Zhao (Chinese Actress)

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