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Morwena Vallach

Morwena Vallach

Morwena is a young woman who is under the protection of her uncle after the mysterious death of her family. She does not really know if she caused the fire that killed them, but she blames herself nonetheless. Her uncle does not really know what to do with her, and does not really want her around, so when Ieshara⁣ visits Wayare⁣, he surrenders Morwena into the Medean Magi's care. Along with Rowain Daliesyn and Rojanin Wei, she is taken back to Talindis, where all three youths cause much fanfare amongst the Medeans.   Morwena Vallach is a pretty girl with a prominent nose. She has long dirty blonde hair with light blue eyes. She has serious burn scarring along much of her left arm, shoulder and side. She loves to sew, and prefers to make her own clothes than buy them. She is the caretaker of two pets she has rescued, a Squirrel named Ruby, who has malformed teeth, and a Chicken named Scarlet. After her rescue of Scarlet she starts to transition away from eating meat. She is very uncomfortable amongst strangers, especially in crowds, but is a friendly girl. She can be a bit insecure, which causes her to take to heart anything negative said about or to her.   She ends up in a very abusive relationship with Elam Dhostantin. She believes she deserves a lot of the physical and emotional abuse he heaps upon and it takes a lot for her to overcome this belief.   Morwena Vallach will be one of those manipulated into using a Nepheshite Crystal and will fall into a deep coma. She was given Asthariel's Crystal and it is her memories she will experience. The major source of her power will be Cheveneh - The Shining City.   When she awakens, along with Rowain Daliesyn and Lisseth Nayosei, she will found the Legacy of Aaru.

Divine Domains

Light, Healing, Discipline, Order, Force, Colour, Force Shields, Resurrection, Holy Fire, Transparency, Truth Sensing, Reflection

Divine Symbols & Sigils

3 Lillies


Family Ties

Hobbies & Pets

Divine Classification
Current Location
Year of Birth
765 417 Years old
Presented Sex
Light Blue
Long Dirty Blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Suannin Language⁣, Daurellian Language
Character Prototype
Katherine McNamara

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