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Lisseth Nayosei

Lisseth Ziarra Nayosei

Lisseth Nayosei is a tall, lanky, black haired girl with brown eyes, a dark skintone and a husky voice. She is a pretty girl but is not too concerned with how pretty she is. She has a small scar above her left eye. She has a sharp and sarcastic tongue that was originally a defense mechanism but it sometimes comes across as mean even though it is not meant to be so. She is brash and forthright and at times, headstrong and stubborn. She has a love of cats and is always willing to feed any strays so it is not uncommon to see her followed by a small group of them, especially in the big cities.   Her father was the last mage of the Kathari Mage School, and she has been on the run with him for most of her life. The flee to Talindis where her father is killed in a confrontation with Ashentine and Enaian Mages. The Medean Mage School attempt to take her in which results in them being attacked and destroyed.   Despite her initial dislike, she falls in love with Persis Kailenni and they have a fiery but loving relationship. Along with most of the Medean novices she is given a Nepheshite Crystal which sends her into a coma.


Family Ties

Divine Classification
Current Location
Year of Birth
761 AA 121 Years old
Biological Sex
Curly, Black
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
Sleepers, The
Known Languages
Daurellian Language
Character Prototype
Gugu Mbatha-Raw

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