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Kheirasmin Nardianes

Kheirasmin Nardianes

Description   Kheirasmin Nardianes (Kea-raz-min Nar-dia-nees) is a slim half-breed (mah'adri) Ophanim, who has small twisted horns on her head that are a rare genetic throwback. She has a tanned skintone with short reddish black hair. Unlike other Ophanim, her eyes are hazel. She is an inquisitive, quick tempered girl, but also confident and friendly. She has a fierce loyalty towards those she loves.     Background   Kheirasmin grew up as an unwanted half-breed (Mah’adri) in her uncle’s home. Her mother had killed herself not long after her birth and her mother was constantly painted as dishonouring the family after falling in love with a non-Ophanim then giving birth to a half-breed. Her cousins, particularly Ralaeloth, took pleasure in demeaning and bullying her. Kheirasmin would often respond angrily to the taunts but it would only encourage Ralaeloth.     Opening Plot   Her father, Cadon Nardianes arrives and takes her away. At first, she is thankful and tries to get close to him, but he rebuffs her affection, as he only took her, to use her to buy favour with his estranged mother, Belijandra , Elifa (Queen) of Talindis. At first she is unsure about her grand-mother, (and even attempts to run away once), but over time she grows to love her deeply, whilst at the same time she grows to hate her father. She becomes beloved by the people of Talindis and though she is touched, she is also slightly bewildered by their affection. When she becomes queen, she is very conscious of her responsibility towards them.   The Chovantine armies will lay siege to Talindis during the Chovantine Invasion, and under pressure, the Thitan, Luniela will agree to turn the City of Talindis into the City of Portals and Kheirasmin will lead her people through portals to the abandoned city of Nidhol. In Nidhol she will encounter the Stone Dragon, Niniviar who will reveal the heritage of the Ophanim. When her grandmother is murdered, in her rage, Kheirasmin will unlock her Ophanim heritage and transform into a huge reddish black dragon. The first dragon that has been seen in over a thousand years.     Friends & Lovers   When she tries to run away, she encounters Rowain Daliesyn who is also trying to run away. And together when they are attacked by robbers, they will be rescued by Amina su Chareda. Kheirasmin and Rowain will fall in love with each other and eventually marry. Together they will have a daughter, Sera. Amina will come to be Kheirasmin’s personal bodyguard and they will become each other's best friend.     Main Antagonists  
  1. Cadon Nardianes - Kheirasmin's estranged father. He is a selfish manipulative Mage whose only interest in his daughter is in what she can do to fulfill his own goals and objectives. Kheiramin's constantly wants to trust and love him, but is constantly betrayed.
  2. Ralaeloth - Kheirasmin's cousin. He is a vicious and cruel bully whose cruelty has only gotten worse as he has gotten older. His disdain for his half-blood cousin has grown into vehement hatred, whilst he will not admit even to himself a lot of it is driven by jealousy of her life and status. He will be the second Ophanim to discover his Draconic heritage and transforms into a great black dragon.
  3. Neheira - The Empress of the Daurellian Imperium. She is an intelligent and cunning woman, who is pretending to be insane and paranoid. She has a vendetta against House Nardianes. She takes it particularity bad when not only does Kheirasmin secede from the Empire, but that two northern provinces secede as well and give their allegiance to Kheirasmin. Even when an invasion happens from the south, Neheira focuses all her attention upon Kheirasmin and Talindis.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Has a bunch of dark freckles across the bridge of her nose

Special abilities

Can transform into a Dragon


Family Ties

Portrait by Raide
Current Location
Year of Birth
1162 20 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Reddish black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Daurellian Language, Apellian Language, Ophanim Language
Character Prototype
Rosy Zhao (Chinese Actress)

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Character Portrait image: Kheirasmin Nardianes by Raide


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