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Cammontar Empire

A large empire covering much of the Continent of Naiyyar. It is made up of 15 provinces and many peoples.   The Cammontar Empire is a dual monarchy. The Emperor (Hwange) can be male or female and is always Humani and comes from House Taemyan. The Empress (Hwangu) is always an Akaebi female chosen by the Aurai. Their coronation ceremony also functions as their marriage ceremony and during the ceremony, the Aurai bind their lives together. If one suffers injury, the other will feel it. If one gets ill, so will the other. If one dies, so will the other. The marriage is ceremonial, and each can and do have consorts, since they are different species. They generally have a close bond and some believe they can even speak to each other without words.   Currently the Empire is ruled by a pair of co-regents, Jeaseong Taikim and Meryahasani.

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