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Heart of Worms Report

General Summary

"Entering through a small hole underneath the Indrsk Isle, the party made way to the Indrsk Hive, encountering a strange metal tube formation and a monster's nest along the way through the crawlspace. Reaching the Hive, they successfully located Magil, but had to put down a Rust Monster and knock out one of the Hive Hunters. In addition to saving Magil, the party managed to retrieve and stabilize two other Oda Loxodons. Reuniting them with the Oda Tribe, the Apostates now sit in good standing with the Oda Tribe."

Rewards Granted

>Partnership with the Oda Tribe >Wengi Tribe stronghold results finalized

Missions/Quests Completed

  • The party sided with the Oda Tribe and saved the Oda firstborn.

Character(s) interacted with

>Saved Magil, firstborn son of Magellan Oda >Played against the Indrsk Hive in favor of the Oda Tribe. >Magellan Oda allies with the Apostates as a result.

Created Content

  • Carrion Crawler lore
Luno Imagine Breaker
Nimona Alistar
Makatza Durrinsdotter
Level 5 Tiefling N Cleric
(Haunted One)
/ 33 HP
Report Date
06 Feb 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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