"They came from nowhere, dehabilitating yet uplifting the entire Ciphrus civilization from the dense, vine-ridden hole it had dug itself into. If only we had similar initiative..."     Mediators were created by the prototypical technology of Craxos Dulurouse using a modified Von Neumann universal constructor. They were born from an A-Class Roamer on the Undatan mountain borders.    


  Mediators (also known as Androids, or Advisors,) were created out of the byproduct of Craxos Dulurouse's Nicci Initiative, which was originally designed to create a series of super-soldiers for the Collective to achieve dominance over Tornun and the I.H.M.D.   After Craxos defected, alongside his twin brother, Cruxos, as well as Vicktor, his butler, and Nicci, his only working prototype, he ventured down south into Selahktia and heard about the ongoings of Humanity and the Tamper City Wars.   From there, he encounter Mareus Zian (player character) and they pushed towards the Class-A Roamer, which apparently had the materials that Craxos needed.   Craxos's intention was to create a new series of intelligent A.I. which could uplift and correct the apocalyptic mistakes of Ciphrus. Since a cure could not be found, he believed that this species could find it for him.  


  In 12563, Craxos, with Mareus's help, activated the universal constructor within the Roamer and began mass production of Mediators. The Mediators then proceeded to repair and man the Roamer, making it the only operating Human base on Ciphrus, as well as the only entirely-A.I. manned vehicle on the planet.   From then on, after repairing the Roamer at an amazing rate, the Mediators continued and began exploring Ciphrus to learn about their surroundings. Now, they roam mostly alone, in a curious wave of exploration.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Because of their recent creation, most Androids do not have family names, but rather proxy generic names such as "James" or "Mary." They, though, vary.


Major language groups and dialects

There are no groups formed yet.

Culture and cultural heritage

The Mediators, though mostly lone wanderers, come across their brothers and sisters in open arms, and often exchange stories with great joy. They love seeing others of their kind, and often work together in close bonds.

Shared customary codes and values

A shared value of all Mediators is that they were all created from the same place. They refer to this place as the "Nursery," and refer to it much like a childhood home.

Average technological level

Mediators have the ability to use Human technology, read human languages, and learn skills incredibly quickly. However, they are unable to use any Tagon or Terokon of any kind, nor are they programmed to hurt humans (and thus, they cannot).

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Every Mediators has a unique serial number, comprised of four numbers and four letters randomly shuffled together.   Example:
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Funerary and Memorial customs

Androids, when and if they find a dead brother or sister, often treat the corpse with utmost respect, and will go through hell and back to retrieve the body and lay them to rest.

Common Myths and Legends

The Mediators see Mareus Zian, a Knomnolite turned Human, as a prophet among their people. He was seen as the one who brought their creation forward, and are eternally grateful.


Beauty Ideals

Mediators are asexual, but not aromantic in nature. This means that while they do not participate in sexual reproduction, they do have romantic relationships.

Major organizations

None so far
Significant presence in


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