Forward Operating Base: DELTA

F.O.B. Delta is an establishment northeast of Usivale. It is a large F.O.B. containing approximately 300 head of armed and trained personnel, 50 trained pilots both in unmanned and manned aircraft, and continuous special units entering and leaving the compound. It is the forefront of the early-year 12564 I.H.M.D. pushes into the city of Usivale, in order to take over the A.R.D.

Purpose / Function

Delta was constructed as a means to police and alleviate hostile presence to and from Usivale, an important trading hub for the western and mostly disconnected portion of the country. When tensions finally rose after the spread of the Executio to former Tamper City (now Stagerd Concordia,) the I.H.M.D. outfitted the base for an offensive push on the town of Usivale. As of 12564, it is still ongoing.
Founding Date
Military base / complex
Parent Location


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