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Zodd the Immortal

Hell's eternal wrath embodied

Zodd the Immortal is a legend amongst the inhabitants of Cinera. There is not a single person who does not know his name, but there are very few who would willingly speak it.  


Zodd the Immortal is a Balor class demon who commands one of the seven layers of Gehenna. However, Zodd is currently sealed in the northern region of Cinera, and is said to be guarded by a group of elite warriors.   The legend goes that Zodd was the instigator of the Great Demon Incursion hundreds of years ago. However, Clan von Tepes, a house of human demon hunters, managed to seal him away and end the conflict.  

Fairy Tale

Zodd has become almost a fairy tale at this point, used to frighten children. When humans refer to a "devil on your shoulder", it is said that is actually Zodd, attempting to influence events outside of his seal.  


Zodd is hellfire incarnate, standing 15 feet tall, and wielding a gigantic sword and a whip of fire. Zodd had a humongous thirst for combat, and the entire reason for the Great Demon Incursion was his insatiable lust for battle, and looking for a challenge.  


Zodd has sworn vengeance against Clan von Tepes, the family who sealed him away. Clan von Tepes have since fallen into disgrace and obscurity, but still their descendants remain.

Zodd the Immortal
Divine Classification
Demon - Balor
15 feet

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Author's Notes

Zodd the Immortal was inspired directly by the track "Zodd the Immortal" by the band Beast in Black, which was in turn inspired by Zodd from the manga/anime Berserk.

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