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The Flesh Sculptor Elijah Ryker

The Flesh Sculptor Elijah Ryker

An infamous Necroficer who seemed to pop onto the social map without any explanation, Doctor Elijah Ryker has managed to inadvertently make a name for himself within many communities. While rarely seen by the public eye, the rumors of his grotesque creations and the nature of his craft have become widespread throughout multiple social circles. Whether those rumors cast the man is a positive light or not, will depend entirely on who you ask.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

    • Stands at roughly 6’5”
    • Lean build with a broad chest
    • Almost no muscle mass whatsoever
    • Philosopher’s fingers
  • Lanky hands
  • Body Features

      • Has a short, messy beard
      • “Salt and Peppered” chocolate brown hair; usually tied up in a messy bun
  • Hair is greying in some places
  • Facial Features

      • Defined jawline and cheekbones
      • Crooked nose
      • Small tooth gap
      • Face shape is more on the narrow side
  • Has an “indent” on the cartilage of his left ear
  • Identifying Characteristics

      • Magical scars all over body; usually covered by clothes
      • One of his glasses lenses is usually broken or cracked
  • Bright, opalescent green eyes
  • Physical quirks

      • Left-Handed
      • Has a rather brisk gait, as if he’s late for an important appointment
      • Hands are constantly fidgeting and/or messing with things i.e. clicking pens, fingering journal pages, fumbling with clothes, adjusting glasses, etc. etc.
  • Eyes constantly shifting around while not focusing on something
  • Special abilities

    Creates “Horrors” from undead corpses; fusing necrotic magic and scientific experimentation into one grotesque, zombie creation.

    Specialized Equipment

    Usually wears a simple collared shirt and belted dress pants with a grey lab coat. Most of his clothes have some sort of dried bloodstain on them.

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history



    UNDERGRADUATE: Bachelor of Science
    GRADUATE: Master of Science in Pathology
    DOCTORATE: Ph.D in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    -Medical License [REVOKED]

    Mental Trauma

      • ADHD
  • Schizotypal Personality Disorder
  • Intellectual Characteristics

    Out of 100

    Logical: 100
    Linguistic: 93
    Musical: 93
    Visual: 77
    Intrapersonal: 67
    Kinesthetic: 60
    Naturalist: 60
    Interpersonal: 27



    Personality Characteristics

    Savvies & Ineptitudes


      • Surgery
      • Medical Examinations
      • Grave Robbing/Body Robbing
      • Violin
      • Piano
      • Organ
      • Saxophone
      • Writing
      • Working out complicated mathematical equations

      • Drawing
      • Socializing
      • Communicating with living, breathing people
      • Anything to do with strength
  • Reading social cues
  • Likes & Dislikes


      • Cooking
      • Eggnog
      • Cresting horrors
      • Creating life
      • Piña Coladas
      • Getting caught in the rain
      • Anatomy
      • Pathophysiology
      • Drawing
      • Performing dissections
      • Performing surgeries
      • Performing medical examinations/experimentations
      • Baking
      • Writing
      • Music

      • Unsanitary tools
      • Yoga
      • Speaking to people
      • His tooth gap
      • His anti-social nature
      • People who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom
      • Necrophilia
      • Failed experiments
    • Tight clothing

    Vices & Personality flaws


    Personality Quirks

    Physical Mannerisms:

      • Left-handed
      • Messes with his hair a lot
      • Clenches his jaw when in moments of tension
      • Nods his head back and forth when thinking to himself/lost in thought
      • Licks lips when nervous
      • Mouth twitches frequently while he talks
      • Will start to count his teeth with his tongue if he gets lost in thought or bored of a conversation
      • Eyes dart everywhere
      • Eyes flutter when he rolls his eyes
      • Tends to avoid eye-contact
      • Has a thousand-yard stare
      • Frequently stares off into space
      • Wipes clammy hands on jeans frequently
      • Folds arms while standing
      • Traces scars absentmindedly
      • Always cracks knuckles
      • Has a broad stance when standing
      • Sways slightly while standing
      • Gestures wildly while talking, especially while explaining something
      • Shifts weight from one foot to another
      • Bounces leg while sitting
      • Strides quickly while walking
      • Paces around frequently

    Speech Mannerisms:
      • Has a tick where he will stutter at times while talking rapidly
      • Constantly swallows when nervous
      • Shortness of breath when he talks to fast
      • Laughs when nervous or to fill uncomfortable silence
      • Constantly muttering to himself
      • Sometimes pauses while talking as if his brain is rebooting

    Interactive Mannerisms:
      • Adjusts glasses constantly
      • Plays with the markers if he is holding them in his hands
      • Fidgets with clothing constantly
      • Lightly chews on the tips of pens or pencils
      • Twirls pencil at desk
      • Clicks ballpoint pens open and close while thinking
      • Tugs at the collar of shirt while nervous
      • Has a tendency to tip chair back if lounging in it
      • Always sits on the edge of chairs if not lounging
  • Plays with Rubix Cubes or similar objects when bored
  • Hygiene

    Extremely hygienic; could almost put a germaphobe to shame


    Contacts & Relations


    Family Ties


    Religious Views


    Social Aptitude

      • Almost no charismatic traits whatsoever
      • Socially inept
      • Never sugar coats words; very blunt
      • Is brutally honest with opinions and thoughts
  • Most social cues will go over his head
  • Mannerisms

      • Cracks knuckles frequently
      • Always adjusting glasses
  • Fidgets with lab coat
  • Hobbies & Pets

      • Drawing
      • Singing
      • Whittling
      • Cooking
      • Baking
  • Sewing
  • Speech

    Has a tick to where if he is explaining something at a million miles an hour he’ll start to stutter a little and stumble over his words; his brain going way too fast for his mouth to keep up

    Wealth & Financial state

      • Makes a considerable salary
      • Much of his salary goes towards his research
      • Owns a whole underground medical laboratory; only current resident
      • Owns a large house which is connected to laboratory from the surface
  • How he obtained such wealth to begin with is unknown
  • Alignment
    Lawful Evil
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    The Flesh Sculptor, The Necroficer
    Current Residence
    Ryker Laboratory of the Analysis of Necromancy
    Biological Sex
    Gender Identity
    Bright, opalescent green
    Dark brown with creamy white highlights; greying
    Skin Tone
    181.7 lbs
    Known Languages
    English, German, Latin
    Elvish, Undercommon, Infernal

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