Cicadea Cycle

Herman Melville, in Moby Dick, once spoke for wanderers in all epochs when he said "I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote."... Maybe we are not ready, but those other worlds are filled with untold opportunities- unfathomable promises at a new life... A fresh start... A chance to get it right this time... And they beckon to us; silently they orbit... Awaiting our arrival...
— GSTO Address; 2030 cc.02

c. 2018
In the midst of a Global Warming Crisis, Scientists discover they may only have five years before Arcadia becomes uninhabitable- if nothing is done to prevent it.   c. 2021
World leaders are overthrown en-mass in a single night as riots rock the globe; a new Humanity rises from the ashes to turn the tides of disaster.   c. 2030 cc.02
Forced to admit its failure, Humanity turns their eyes to the stars in a last ditch effort to survive the coming tide.   c. 2058 cc.03
The first colony ship is launched, and Arcadia is abandoned in the search for another home- ushering in a new era for all of Humanity.

Cicadea Cycle is a more than a time, or a place... A concept, or a philosophy... And certainly more than a nebulously defined dichotomy written in grey ink, and sung with honeyed words.  

It is a story.

  One which resonates within the very core of Humanity itself as a species, and transcends even the most minute of barriers.   It is a story of duty, and honor... Of drive, and perseverance... And of teamwork; an example of what Humanity can achieve when it works as a single entity to face destruction head on, with an iron heart.   But above all, it a story of failure and survival- and of finding one's place among the stars.

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