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"Sing for the moon, child, sing the song of the silvery circle that shines over us. Sing, howl, feel it in your veins, in your blood, in every cell of your body. Sing, child, sing,  join the choir of your ancestors; the claw, teeth, and bone."
Lycanthropy is something the modern media has embraced. The werewolves is a well-used theme in many movies, tv-series, books, and so on. The media usually paints an exaggerated picture of the condition; it's either depicted as too monstrous or romanticized. Most werewolves are down to earth folk who like to keep to themselves, whereas other werecreatures are not always that friendly. The werecreatures are also often mixed with other shapechangers, like Avis, but they are not related to those species. 

Transmission & Vectors

The lycanthropy is transmitted by a bite of a werewolf (or other were-creature, like wererat). The wolves are most populous and common of all were-creatures. Sometimes one can be also born as a were-creature, but that is much rarer; hence the clans and other family units of the werewolves and other were-creatures are important culturally.


Every month when the moon is full, the beast inside awakens. If the one who is affected vy the lycanthropy, a lycanthrope, cannot control the beast inside and wrestle with their instincts, the beast wins and bad things can happen; they might attack someone, hurt themselves or get hurt by someone else when they go into frenzy. After the full moon things ease up again and the person regains their composure and senses.


There are no ordinary medicinal treatments for such a thing. If one is affected by a bite of a werewolf, they can be cures by magical means, but if one is born as a lycanthrope, 'curing' them is extremely difficult, even with spells.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Affected Species

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