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"Nevermore is so overrated. Pizza is always good, even when cold or from a dumpster."
-Blake Crawburh
They may call themselves with different names, but what the society, especially The Royal Society Publishing, knows them, is the name 'Avis', which comes from Latin and means 'bird'. Very simple, very expressive, and very factual, as the avis are bird-people. Unlike those who have been cursed with lycanthropy, the avis have been born with their abilities, probably originally hailing from Feywild. Thus, The Avis are considered to be a branch of shapechangers, who can only turn into a bird form, which always stays the same. The lycanthropes, though, and the fear of those who are charmed by the moon, has given the avis a bad reputation too in some circles, even when they have nothing to do with any moons or lycanthropy.

Basic Information


The Avis do not differ much from humans in their 'human' form. They might have some birdlike characteristics and some mannerism, perhaps a feather or two growing among among their hair, but to normal people they are often difficult to discern from ordinary humans. Those 'in the know', though, can easily spot the difference.
The normal form of the avis is their original birdform, which depends on their ancestry and the clan they are born in. One of the biggest avis clans in UK is the clan of Corvids, their Queen residing in the Tower of London.

Ecology and Habitats

The Avis can live practically anywhere, but most Avis clans are very territorial and rarely move around. They are also very family-oriented people and take care of their own.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Depending on the avis, they might be attracted to food some people might not deem edible anymore... They are not that picky. Some are complete carnivores, whereas some are strict vegans, depending on their bird form's diet.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Avis can usually change shape rather freely between their human and bird form, but sometimes an avis born into a birdform cannot change into a human. That is not seen as a fault, though, just a difference, and it is widely accepted  as the birdform is regarded as their 'original' form.
Geographic Distribution

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